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The Most Common HVAC Problems

Heating and air conditioning are so important, yet it seems like most homeowners overlook many of the issues that that commonly plague it until too late. Letting them go too long will only make things worse. It is important to have a professional perform inspections before the problems get out of hand. Here are the most common HVAC problems to ensure that you catch them before they become emergencies.

Dirty Filters

This is no doubt the most common problem. Filters are vital to the system but are often out of sight and out of mind. Without them, harmful dust particles would get into your air and make the air you are breathing harmful. Not only that, but they would also damage the system. Inspect yours and make sure to clean or change them every few months. Get an expert to take a look at important appliances like the furnace.


One of the more common issues that we see are leaks, specifically refrigerant leaks. The vibration of the machine while it is on can eventually cause lines to crack or break. Leaks not only waste energy, they could result in total system failure. Don’t let them go too long without being fixed by an expert.

Blown Fuses

Just like in your home’s electric system, your HVAC units are going to have fuses. They protect the motor from overheating. Usually problems with the motor are actually issues with the fuses. If you are hearing loud noises or experiencing energy issues, then you could easily have a problem that will lead to failure. Don’t let it go. The noise is annoying and could eventually cost you your AC!

One of Air Spécialiste Inc.'s specialties is performing preventative maintenance in the Montreal area on residential HVAC systems. One of the biggest overall issues that we encounter is that people don’t pay enough attention to this vital aspect of their home. These are the most common HVAC problems. Don’t let them turn into emergencies.


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