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5 Maintenance Tips for Your Heating System Before Winter

Prior to the start of the cold season, it is strongly recommended that your heating system be fully serviced, whether electric, natural gas, propane or oil. As heating system installation, repair and maintenance experts in the Greater Montreal area, we invite you to discover 5 tips that will give you peace of mind... and keep your feet warm this winter!

Hire a Heating System Specialist Who Holds an RBQ License

The maintenance of any heating system must be carried out by a contractor who holds a license from the Régie du bâtiment du Québec. Depending on whether the heating system is powered by electricity, gas, oil or propane, annual maintenance involves analyzing several critical elements, such as:

  • The sealing of the heat exchanger;

  • The supply of available air;

  • The cleanliness of the pipes;

  • Measurement of carbon monoxide (oil heating systems);

  • The state of the combustion chamber;

  • The operation of the ignition system;

  • The pressure level of the main power supply;

  • Etc.

Dust off Your Electric Baseboard

Before you turn on your thermostats, take a few minutes to dust off your radiators and to vacuum the air openings in your forced-air system.

Have Your Chimney Swept (If You Heat With Wood)

Every fall, make sure your chimney is swept by a professional. Also, clean and inspect the chimney outlet, smoke chamber and fireplace hearth. The slightest anomaly must be corrected before you use your device.

Improve the Performance of Your Central Heating System: React to Any Problems

If you're having trouble with your furnace or other heating appliances, do not wait until the last minute to call a specialist. Often, a simple affordable repair can solve many issues!


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