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The Most Common Refrigerator Problems

Having a fridge is essential to comfortable living. You need to be able to keep food cool in order to store it, and when your system takes a dive, you could be looking at big bills and big headaches. We have come across a ton of different issues over our years of business – such a complex machine is going to have its fair share – but these are the most common refrigerator problems that we’ve seen. If you are experiencing them, then call the pros right away.


You might think that the constant dripping sound or the puddle is makes are the worst things about a refrigerator leak, but in reality the worst part is all of damage it can cause to your system. They are usually caused by loose gaskets but can also be caused by a bunch of other issues that we don’t have space to cover in this blog. Leaks can cause you to lose refrigerant, and to put a drain on the performance of your unit altogether. Don’t let it go to long without giving us a call.

Compressor malfunction

The compressor is what keeps your fridge cool. Without it, the whole game would change. Cold air is always going to leak out – it isn’t like your fridge is hermetically sealed or anything – but the compressor will make things stay at the right temperature. If yours isn’t working, it could be because the motor is failing, the electrical wiring is fraying, or it is simply too dirty to function.

It’s too noisy

We all love that soothing sound at night that the fridge makes, but there is such thing as too much noise. If yours is making a big racket then it is probably because a fan or a motor is going haywire. A common cause is the condenser fan. It is important to have an experienced pro come out and take a look because doing it yourself could lead to much bigger problems.

Without a cooling system, there would be no way to live a comfortable life in your home. Don’t let these common refrigerator problems get in the way of your everyday life. Call Air Spécialiste Inc.'s experienced refrigeration service team to come in and help take care of the issue immediately.


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